Property management (PM) business

Property management (PM) business

Making the most of the extensive know-how accumulated through its subleasing business, LOGICOM vigorously supports the operational management of properties entrusted to us by maximizing income through our comprehensive PM services, including accurate and prompt reporting, and intimate tenant relationship.

1.Leasing management service

We work to increase the occupancy rate by finding tenants for the vacant space. This is achieved through market research, tenant marketing, tenant credit screening, and finally the conclusion of a lease contract. As vacancy is a significant factor affecting the profitability of a property, leasing management is one of our most important services.

2.Tenant management service

We respond to requests and complaints from tenants in order to maximize the satisfaction of both the owner and the tenant through effective relationship management and identifying their needs, and then proposing, for example, floor space expansion/reduction, rent revision, or other terms and conditions.

3.Property operation and management service

We provide management services also from the hardware perspective, including mandatory and voluntary inspections as well as cleaning of buildings and facilities. Through proper maintenance and repair work, we strive to increase the value of the building. We also issue bills to tenants, confirm payments, pay due expenses, and file monthly reports (cash flow management, contract signing, tenant replacement record, etc.) on behalf of the building owner. In addition, we develop income/expense budget and manage its actual performance.

4.Contract management service

In order to carry out repair and improvement works of any scale, we provide such management services as quality and cost control, legal compliance, and process management.

PM business overview