Leasing business

Leasing business

LOGICOM engages in “subleasing” in which it master lease real estate properties, mainly warehouses and retail properties, from their owners and then subleases them out to end tenants.
With more than 200 warehouses, retail and other properties under our management, and a leasing network of more than 800 companies, LOGICOM has met the needs of its customers for more than 20 years through subleasing, brokerage, and leasing management business.


Under the subleasing arrangement, we master lease land and buildings (such as warehouses, retail properties, parking lots, and land) from their owners and then sublease them out to end tenants based on the contract between LOGICOM and the owner. Under this arrangement, owners are relieved from a wide variety of complex tasks such as tenant marketing activities, contract management, handling complaints from tenants, and restoring leased property to its original state. This arrangement provides owners stable asset management regardless of the leasing status.


As a leasing broker, LOGICOM finds tenants for properties under the instructions of their owners as well as finding properties that match the needs of end tenants based on their request.

3.Leasing management

This includes contract management such as rent revisions and lease renewals between the owners and end tenants under the master lease of LOGICOM; construction management including sales order management of repair works at the beginning/end of a tenant’s occupancy; and formulation of building repair plans and legally mandatory inspection of the property.

Subleasing arrangement